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  • Grace Ordonez posted an update 4 years, 10 months ago

    Some People Do Not Get Numb with Anaesthesia

    “The nerves were flooded with local anaesthetic and at the time it didn’t work,” he recalls.
    Eleven years after writing about the problem, Hakim says there has still been no formal medical investigation into the causes for local anaesthetic resistance in these cases, although there are a few theories.
    Sometimes local anaesthetic is injected into the tissue under the skin, known as infiltration, and sometimes it is injected into or next to a nerve, what’s called a nerve block.
    Hakim says the work done by him and his colleagues has raised awareness among doctors and dentists that local anaesthetic resistance is a genuine problem.
    “In some people it doesn’t work at all, but for me it probably lasts about 10 minutes.” Some of her patients have told her that their doctor or dentist simply won’t believe them when they say “Local anaesthetic doesn’t work on me”.
    Sodium 1.5 channels have only been studied in detail in heart tissue, not the peripheral nerves where local anaesthetic is applied.
    After presenting his paper at a recent conference, Clendenen says he was approached by several doctors who had stories of patients with as-yet unexplained resistance to local anesthetics.

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