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5 Ways To Stay In The Christmas Spirit While Living Abroad

Editors Note: I debated whether it's too early for Christmas content. Our family just put our tree up - so I guess it's now fair...

7 Helpful Tips That Will Make Getting Around Cuenca On The Bus Easier

Getting around in a city is one of the first things to figure out as a new expat. In Cuenca, Ecuador an excellent and affordable...

14 Important Things To Check On A Scouting Trip To Cuenca

Thinking about moving to Cuenca, Ecuador?  Great! It truly is an amazing country to experience life as an expat.  One of the first steps  is...

9 Things I’m Grateful for as an Expat

Since moving to Cuenca, Ecuador, with my partner over a year ago, I’ve experienced my share of challenges just like anyone new to a foreign...